Sweet Beirut is 12 years old!

Sweet Beirut is 12 years old!

Sweet Beirut is 12 years old.  In this challenging year, we couldn’t have done it without your support, your commitment, your feedback, your word of mouth and with your impeccable taste. We definitely owe this success to you! Thank You! We have adjusted and expanded our product range as well as our services in response to these new circumstances to cater to your needs, offering the highest quality:

Already recognized by you, the top gourmet journalists and chefs,

“We can’t remember when or how we first came upon Sweet Beirut, which is by no means on our usual route, but since then we rate it like an out-of-the-way Michelin restaurant: well worth the detour” Diana Farr Lewis, Culinary Backstreets & The Huffington Post

“The Lebanese paradise of sweets.” Athens Voice

“…I can say that I discovered a “diamond” since I found authentic Lebanese products.” Meropi Kokkini, Alati & Piperi Magazine

“A small shop filled with delicious treasures and secrets of Lebanon”
                                                            Bessy Nassy, Gourmet Magasine 

“The best Authentic Lebanese Baklawa in Athens”
                                                            Chef Christoforos Peskias, Gastronomos

“For us in the gourmet business, we insist that Lebanon has the most interesting sweets which can be found only in Sweet Beirut”
                                                                        Aglaia Kremezi, Votre Beauté

We continue stronger, offering you the best quality Lebanese products at the lowest possible prices. Sweet Beirut is open everyday at our unique Haladri store or alternatively, we deliver.

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you a our shop !


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