Dear Friends,

I would like to thank you for your continued support and feedback. At Sweet Beirut, we aim to provide you with all the best Lebanese delicacies and we are constantly bringing new items of the highest quality. Select SWEET BEIRUT for unique personal or professional gifts or simply indulge yourself and your family. Some of our new products include:


Candied Fruits – Orange, Pears, Prunes, Apples and Apricot
Pistachio Armouche – Sugared pistachios
Pistachio Doukma – Caramelized pistachios
Almond Doukma – Caramelized Almonds
Cashew Doukma – Caramelized Cashews


Innocent Mixed Nuts – Unsalted mixed nuts with Neopuntia a natural fat-blocker

Pumpkin Seeds – The original cost of fluoxetine at walmart , buy fluoxetine online australia. most attractive prices, trusted online doctors, amazing discounts. Lebanese pumpkin seeds

Spicy Mix – Mixed nuts with selected herbs and spices

Along with our usual selection of mixed nuts and coffees


Jallab (Concentrated Juice from Dates with Rose Water) – Creates a unique a refreshing drink

Tout (Mulberry Syrup) – For a refreshing and healthy drink or buy baclofen online, is there a generic drug for baclofen , generic lioresal online. to add flavor to your sweets and ice-creams !

Mai Zahar (Orange Blossom Water) – Pure aromatic orange blossom water for your sweets

Rib Rimen (Pomegranate Molasses) – Can be used in salads instead of or combined with Balsamic Vinegar or for marinades and cooking.

Dibbis dapoxetine in canada dapoxetine with sildenafil order dapoxetine (Carob Molasses) – A wonderful healthy dessert combined with Tahini or as a natural sweetener in place of chocolate

Tahini – Pure ground sesame seeds

Jazarieh (Pumpkin Jam) – Can be served as a dessert in itself !

Orange Blossom Jam – Can be used to add a special touch to your desserts.


Zaatar – A mixture of thyme, sumac and sesame seeds. Can be used mixed with oil on pizza bread for a delicious snack !

Sumak – Can be used in a variety of dishes including roast chicken !

7 Spices – Add authenticity to your Lebanese dishes with this combination

Falafel Spices premature ejaculation wonder cure is now available online. purchase dapoxetine (priligy) or generic priligy at an online pharmacy now. – Special mix for original falafel

Kebbe Spices – Special mix for authentic kebbe

Frikeh – Roasted wheat grain which can be used as a healthy substitute for rice to compliment your dishes.

Mekte Pickles (Wild Cucumber Pickles) – These delicious pickles can be eaten alone or to compliment your meals


Chateau Ksara – Sunset Rose

And a selection of Red wines from Chateau Kefraya & Chateau Ksara as well as the finest Arak.

As always, you can find our renowned Lebanese Assorted Baklawa, Baklawa Light, Barazik, Maamoul and a large selection of Malban (Loukoumi) & Nougat.

We look forward to welcoming you our shop and as always your feedback is invaluable. Delivery is available to your office, home or we can send your gifts and gifts baskets.

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Lina Tabbara

20 Ethnikis Antistaseos Street
Halandri 15232
Tel: 210 6829800