Lebanese Nuts

One can find a large variety of high quality Nuts & Kernels at Sweet Beirut ranging from Macadamia and pecan to flavoured almonds and Kri-Kri coated peanuts. A selection of sizes and packaging is available for all occasions and tastes. Available sizes range from 150 g to 500 g and packaging is either in easy open cans or foil bags.

Easy Open Cans (150g)
Cashew Salt & Cheese
Salted and Cheese-falvoured cashews
Spicy Mix
Almond smoked 15%, almond hot 15%, cashew cheese 15%, peeled pistachio curry 15%, krikos 20%, corn bbq jumbo 20%
Cheesy Mix
Macadamia cheese 5%, cashew cheese 15%, peanuts kri kri cheese 15%,Β  peeled peanuts cheese 45%, corn cheese 10%
Gourmet Mix Deluxe
45% Kernels: Pistachio 19%, assorted almond 15%, cashew 8%, macadamia 3%
55% Nuts: Chickpeas 15%,Β  pumpkin seed 15%, peanut 10%, peanut kri kri 10%, corn 5%
Macadamia Salt & Cheese
Salted & Cheese Flavoured Macadamia
Easy Open Cans (500g)
Gourmet Mix Deluxe
45% Kernels: pistachio 15%, assorted almond 15%, cashew 8%, macadamia 3%, pecan 4%55% Nuts: chickpeas 15%, pumpkin seeds 15%, peanut kri kri 10%, peanut 10%, corn 5%

Supreme Cocktail Mix
75% Kernels: pistachio, cashew, almonds
25% peanut crackers

Supreme Mix

100% Kernels: pistachio 40%, cashew 15%, assorted almond 35%, macadamia 5%, pecan 5%

Foil Bags (350g)
Mediterranean Assorted Mix
80% Nuts: pumpkin seeds, yellow chickpeas, peanuts, sesame, peanuts krikri, peanuts sudani, peanuts in shell, corn
20% Kernels: pistachio, cashew salted, cashew cheese, salted almonds, Β½ salted almonds
Supreme Cocktail
75% Kernels: pistachio, cashew, almond Β½ salted, almond smoked
25% peanut crackers
Supreme Mix Kernels
100% Kernels: pistachio, cashew, assorted almonds, macadamia, pecan