Diet Products

At Sweet Beirut, we aim to please all tastes. For those of you who are looking to limit sugar and calorie intake or looking for a guilt-free indulgence, we offer Assorted “Lite Baklawa” with fructose instead of sugar. These are also suitable for diabetics and offer the same quality and taste as the original Baklawa.

Besides having a large variety of nuts ranging from Macadamia, pecan to flavored almonds, one can find the unique INNOCENT type which are diet mixed nuts with no salt, coated with a natural fat-blocker called Neopuntia. These are also available in small packaging for children and people on the go.

Assorted Baklawa Lite
With pistachios & cashews & Fructose instead of sugar
Innocent Diet Nuts (75g & 350g)
Cashew, almonds, peeled pistachios, chickpeas, peanuts, peeled pumpkin and sunflower seeds with Neopuntia Fat-Blocker